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Jarrod Hennis is a long-time entrepreneur and has been endeavoring in creative projects since the dawn of time. To say he’s hardworking and passionate would be an understatement. In addition to owning and operating Pirate Ninja Print Shop, he maintains Rockford Art Deli (R.A.D.), a retail store front, actively supports the local community, offers a suite of business services, and is deeply involved in the art scene. His style is eclectic, quirky and sometimes a little cheeky. He draws his inspiration from diagrams, as well as vintage print and ad work.


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Greg Lang is a hockey fan, hustler, record lover, vintage furniture lover and front-end developer. Performing at the junction of aesthetics and sustainability to craft meaningful ideas that endure. He sometimes makes random things with friends. His work has appeared in the global art project known as Papergirl, been featured in the Rockford Art Museum’s Biannual Rockford Midwestern exhibit, and can be found in the permanent collection of the Illinois State Museum. He currently lives in Rockford with his wife and children.


David Menard is an artist, educator, and family man from the mid-west. Menard attended the Kansas City Art Institute before completing his graduate work at the University of Wisconsin. He honed his chops of fine printing with Jack Lemon and Steve Campbell of Landfall Press in Chicago and has been teaching art full time since 2006. His work is in both public and private collections across the United States. Menard has a love of collage and a fascination of the image making tradecraft. He is a fan of Black Sabbath and the color pink.


Ben Rider is a fluorescent ink obsessed illustrator, print mercenary and teacher. Ben specialises in a rough, raw, punky image making bursting with energy and loud graphics. He loves the gratifying nature of print and what it can add to an illustration, the sense of physically making something with your hands has an honesty, it gives work a certain soul and character and to him this acts as a middle finger to the increasingly homogenised slick corporate world sold to us.

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